GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

Activities of DGSD

◾Coordination and tuning in of activities of division member states regarding UNGEGN and UN Conferences on the Standardization of Geographical Names

◾Organization of a series of international symposia titled „GeoNames“ on various issues related to the standardization of geographical names since 2000

- GeoNames 2000
Publication: Second International Symposium on Geographical Names

- GeoNames 2001

- GeoNames 2005
Publication: Minority Names/Indigenous Names and Multilingual Areas

- GeoNames 2008
Publication: Geographical Names as a Part of the Cultural Heritage

◾Organization of Toponymic Training Courses since 1982

◾Initiation of the Project EuroGeoNames (eContentPlus programme of the European Commission) in 2004.

Since 2009 the so-called EuroGeoNames Reference application illustrates the capabilities and the benefits of the EuroGeoNames Web Service. The Reference Application finds and locates names on the map that represent all kinds of geographical objects and provides you with the official spelling, the spelling in other languages and information about pronunciation, gender etc.