Training Courses on Toponymy - 2013 Antananarivo - Madagascar

01 1_ORMELING_comment enseigner les fonctions.pdf

02 1_ORMELING_processus de nomination.pdf
  2_KERFOOT_names_benefits and NSDI_presentation.pdf

03 1_KERFOOT_National names authorities - models.pdf
  2_ORMELING_regions multilingues.pdf

04 1_KERFOOT_Some thoughts on name decisions.pdf
  2_KERFOOT_Taking stock of the toponymic standardization situation in Madagascar.pdf

05 1_ORMELING_How to teach fieldwork copy.pdf
  2_ORMELING_travauxdeterrain copy.pdf

06 1_KERFOOT_PracticalPreparations_Fr.pdf
  2_ZACCHEDDU_Learning to localize the data with GPS.pdf

07 1_ZACCHEDDU_Demonstration of the processing of names_V1.pdf
  2_ZACCHEDDU_Description of Database characteristics_V1.pdf
  3_ZACCHEDDU_Special Interest points in the realisation of DB.pdf

08 1_MEKASHA_GeoNyms-introduction.pdf
  2_MEKASHA_GeoNyms -working with GeoNyms.pdf

09 1_ORMELING_editorial issues copy.pdf
  2_ORMELING_How to teach school atlases.pdf
  3_ORMELING_How to teach diffusion.pdf

10 1_KERFOOT_Africa- Looking to the future.pdf